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                 Water Bike

                 ® "Convertible Wind Surfing Board"

                   P20040394A                As unit or conversion kit                         


                                       Standard bicycle, on new generation Wide Style Wind Surfing Board














                                          Unskilled can use side floaters on old type narrow board


                          Wind surfing            +                 Cycling                   =              Water Cycling

             Two sporting & recreational requisites – three purposes:          1.      Conventional wind surfing

                                                                                    2.      Conventional bicycle riding

                                                                                    3.      Water biking


                                                      Great attraction, wherever was exposed


                                                       Very fast riding on wide style light boards


                     Original board                                   Prepared board for conversion kit


                   Conversion kit on the board                Wind surfing board, ready for water cycling 


                                                                      Conversion kit


                                   Lower transmission                                          Upper transmission


                             Front bicycle carrier                                                                 Steering pilot





                                                       Easy preparation for conversion


    1. "INPEX"           USA              Silver medal

    2. "BIS"                 UK               Silver medal

    3. "INOVA"       Croatia            Silver medal

    4. "NAUTICA"  Croatia            Silver medal


                    "CONVERTIBLE WIND SURFING BOARD"                  

                                                      AS UNIT OR CONVERSION KIT




·         Two sporting & recreational requisites – three purposes.

1.      Conventional bicycle riding.

2.      Conventional wind surfing.

3.      Water biking.


   Wind surfing board is foreseen for surfing during the windy weather, while during the sunny and quiet windless day is completely useless.

     For using the same board, during the quiet windless weather in sport and recreational purpose, conversion kit can be assembled and any bicycle can be used for water cycling by removing road wheels only. That means the bicycle in this case becomes dual-purpose equipment too.  

    Preparation for installation of convertible kit on board is very simple. It could be done by board owner himself, in case when convertible kit is purchased separately with installing instructions. Procedure in preparation for installation of convertible kit is: cutting the appropriate holes in the board, where the plastic cups and guides will be glued by expanding foam. With such preparation, Wind Surfing Board is ready for water bicycle riding or wind surfing.

   Preparation for installing bicycle on board is very simple too, quick and does not take more than fifteen minutes. That also means how the purpose of the board can be changed several times a day, depending of weather and mood. In all ready installed cups and guides, the following attachments have to be inserted: carrier of the bicycle front wheel fork with the universal joint and steering pulley, carrier of the bicycle rear fork with seven sprocket-wheel and belt toothed cog-wheel, guides for the steering rope, steering rope with rope tensioners and adjusters, steering pilot with the steering pulley. On the bottom side of the board, the transmission assembly is inserted in to the cups with belt toothed-cog, toothed belt, propeller and belt adjusting carriers of the transmission. On such prepared board, the bicycle can be placed with all its elements except road wheels and tighten with quick releasing wheel bolt on the front carrier and wheel nuts on the rear carriers.

    The new generation, Wide Style Wind Surfing Boards are very stable, because of its wideness and flat bottoms. They are not easy to turn over especially knowing that water cycling take place only on windless weather. But if for any reason we want to secure the board of turning over for 180 degrees, the safe floater can be placed in the middle triangle of the bicycle frame with quick connectors, which will prevent the board to turn over for more than 90 degrees. From this position, board can be easily straightened up.

     When choosing bike for water cycling (if we all ready do not posses one) it is recommended to choose high quality ALU frame bicycle, not only because of possibility to get rusty but because of its weight and shock absorbers. The ride with such chosen bike will definitely give very pleasant and comfortable ride.

     To ride bikes with such suspension, the carrier of rear fork is designed to allow the frame movement up and down as shock absorbers works. The nuts-bushes of the rear hub shaft will enable that.

     Such installation of the bike on the board, gives much more pleasure in riding than ordinary recreational enjoyment. That is to say, placing the bike with its chain, front sprocket-wheels and front and rear gear selectors, we choose the transmission ratio and propeller RPM to adjust force to our ability or to obtain maximum speed. The other words, choice of transmission ratio and speed are almost unlimited. Knowing, that on late bicycle models, ratio between front and rear chain pulley is 5:1 and on this transmission, ratio between upper and lower toothed cog is 2:1 and ability of bicycle rider in average shape to turn pedals 1 1/2 times in second, calculation shows, that in that moment propeller makes 900 RPM. Considering, that with this RPM we are turning propeller with diameter of 200 mm and three blades under the angle of 30 degrees, appears very impressive picture about the speed we achieve. In any case, for riders with higher demands that is not all. Transmission can be modified by exchanging sprocket-wheels with higher ratio ones and increase ratio between upper and lower toothed cogs. Also, propeller can be modified by increasing its blades angle. With such modifications water cycling on the wind surfing board can easily become a sport discipline.

    Great advantage of whole system is its simplicity and lightness. Beside that, the all turning parts are spinning on the bearings which maximally reduce any frictions and resistance. The upper bearings are greased, while lower transmission is fixed in sealed oil housings. The weight of whole system is around four kilograms. The total weight of whole unit, with new generation biggest board and alu frame bicycle is around 30 kilograms.


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