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  Protect your Car/Bike additionally from theft                          Related books

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   Download manual & diagram for only  $ 5.99           

   This additional car or motorbike protection is definitely one of the most efficient systems which prevent thieves to steal the vehicle even if they manage to break the steering lock or decode alarm code. Beside that, installation does not take more than couple of hours and price does not exceed $ 20-25. All necessary parts can be easily found in nearest electronic accessory shop.

   Using special electric lock with cylinder key used on safes, five terminal relay, warning diode and several meters of wire, any electrical actuator on vehicle can be disabled independently of vehicle electric or electronic management. Such actuators are: high voltage coil, starter motor solenoid, electric fuel pump, stop valve solenoid on Diesel engines etc.

   Why is this system so safe? Special electric lock used on safes has cylindrical key which is not possible to unlock by force inserting special tools used by thieves. In addition, such lock with almost no edges is reinforced from inner side by thick wide washer to disable levering it out. So, if we choose such position inside the car where is almost impossible to reach the inner side of the lock without disassembling good part of vehicle interior, everyone will give up idea of steeling such car. Beside that, a flashing diode when system is ON will additionally warn unwanted visitors that car is protected. If the car is already equipped with alarm warning light, the installation is even simpler ignoring that part of installation.

   Finally, even if thieves ignore all warnings, they will never be able to start the engine without finding particular actuator and reconnecting it. No need to mention, that such job takes time, opening bonnet and…

   Next advantage is that we never have to live the cylinder key when leaving car in garages, parking… We simply leave the system in OF position and take lock key with us. It is not the secret, that most cars are stolen by keys copied in garages, carwash, hotel park places and other places where we have to leave the keys. The same thing goes for decoding alarm codes. There fore, even if someone know which actuator we blocked, it can not be reconnected on the road, garage and other places, without undertaking quite serious workshop job  in engine area or else where in the car where certain actuator is positioned.

   In offered manual and diagram which is easily understandable even to amateurs, you will find list of several parts you need and connecting diagram. Diagram shows how to disable one actuator, but the same principle goes for any other of our choice.

   On the end it has to be said that this system has almost no power consumption. Namely, when system is ON relay is disengaged and only diode is under the power.

  This system saved quite a number of vehicles and motorcycle from theft attempt. Therefore, do not hesitate as an extra protection gives a peace of mind and sweet dreams.