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Make you car look like new again!                                Car Paint Repair Kit  


   Car paint repair kit is supplied by original paint code of particular vehicle. To supply you with original color we will need the paint code number which can be found on the label under the bonnet, door pillar or in the trunk. Beside the code, we will also need the model and manufacturing year of the vehicle.

   The set consist of 100 ml of paint, 100 ml of thinner, 100 ml of professional final polish and one sheet of extra fine sandpaper. Such quantity is sufficient to repair scratches all around the vehicle even more than once.

   This set contains high quality materials and can be used by amateur or professionals. Paint is enough thick to be applied by fine brush or small plastic spatula. Paint is applied in several coats, depends of scratch depth, until the scratch is completely filed with paint and leveled with the surface. Excess of paint is removed by cloth lightly soaked with thinner. Highly demanded car owners can wet sand down excess paint which is left after the cleaning and finally polish the area. With such procedure scratches will absolutely disappear. Of course, skilled people can also use air brush or similar small spray guns to repair larger areas. See photos below!

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 1. Car Paint Repair Kit   50.-€

2. Shipping                        20.-€


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       Make a note of vehicle model, year and Color code



           Scratch                Filled with paint         Wet sanded paint                Polished